Free Blog Site and Hosting

Bizness Inc’s Auto Blogging Web System gives you 1 FREE new WordPress Blog Site (background theme you choose), and FREE hosting for your new blog site.   You can add more blog sites when you sign up on the link below so you can auto post to muitple WordPress Blog sites you own to get your promotions links out there.

Click on this Auto Blogging System With Free Blog Site/Hosting link for more info and to sign up for 1 of the 3 plans below that runs off the web in your own private web account.

When you sign up for one of these 3 systems, we automatically set up a Linux hosting plan for you and install WordPress on it. The hosting for this wordpress site is included in the monthly billing plan for the Standard, Advanced and Professional Auto Blog Posting System.

We will get your total system set up for you and actually auto post the first blog post to your new wordpress site for you to see how it works with a standard background theme. You are responsible for customizing your wordpress site and you can choose from over 1000 different themes for your blog site’s appearance.

We can help you with auto posting to your FaceBook and Twitter Account. These are extra services you can ask for after you sign up for one of the above plans and get your first auto post working to your FREE WordPress Blog account we set up for you on your domain you enter.

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